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BBC News - Business

The latest stories from the Business section of the BBC News web site.
  1. VIDEO: Indonesian workers' strike continues
    Thousands of Indonesian workers are taking part in a four-day strike calling for the repeal of a new regulation they say limits pay raises.
  2. VIDEO: India's start-ups and climate change
    India's government is boosting its renewable energy programme to help the environment - the country's start-up businesses are also trying to tackle the challenge.
  3. VIDEO: Black Friday's travels around the world
    How far has the traditional start of the US Christmas shopping season - Black Friday - spread around the world?
  4. AirAsia shares slide on poor earnings
    Shares in Asia's biggest budget airline, AirAsia, fell as much as 7% on Friday after the firm posted a loss in the three months to September.
  5. BHP rebuts UN 'toxic waste' claim
    Australian mining giant BHP says mud spilled by the devastating collapse of a dam at a Brazilian mine is not toxic.
  6. Online chatting at work gets the thumbs up from bosses
    Do social media apps in the office spell the end for work emails?
  7. Zambian businesses hit by power cuts
    Power cuts are seriously affecting many of Zambia's businesses
  8. Black Friday Blues and Benefits
    It's a love-hate relationship
  9. KPMG heads arrested in HMRC tax probe
    Four partners at the Belfast office of KPMG are arrested in connection with suspected tax evasion.
  10. Number of untaxed UK vehicles doubles
    The number of vehicles without road tax - Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) - doubled to 560,000 after the paper tax disc was abolished in October 2014.
  11. FTSE 100 bolstered by mining firms
    Mining shares help to lift the London stock market after metals prices rise, with copper hitting a two-week high.
  12. 'Very significant' cuts still to come
    "Very significant" government spending cuts will be imposed before the next general election, the Institute for Fiscal Studies think tank warns.
  13. Osborne pins hopes on Universal Credit
    Osborne's £12bn welfare cuts rely on delayed Universal Credit
  14. South China Morning Post up for sale
    The publisher of Hong Kong's South China Morning Post (SCMP) has confirmed that it is in talks to sell the popular English-language newspaper.
  15. Barclays fined for poor client checks
    Banking giant Barclays has been fined £72m for failing to conduct proper checks on very rich clients because it did not want to inconvenience them.
  16. Warning on new energy efficiency scheme
    A new flagship energy efficiency scheme will result in fewer homes being insulated and make it more difficult to tackle fuel poverty, says Citizens Advice.
  17. Tesco settles US lawsuit over profits
    Tesco will pay $12m (£8m) to settle legal action by US shareholders which claimed that accounting irregularities inflated the supermarket's share price.
  18. Network Rail misses punctuality target
    Network Rail reports a fall in half-year profits and admits that train punctuality is inadequate after failing to reach its 90% target.
  19. The firms using Mexican prisoners
    The businesses offering hope to Mexican prisoners
  20. Commonwealth looms in Brexit campaign
    Should the UK choose between the EU and the Commonwealth?

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