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RICHMOND Home Improvement Co has recently employed Bradley Hennessy, introduced to them by Prospects in Bournemouth.

Prospects and the Youth Service are working together to help young people who have difficulty in finding work. They help to train and educate their clients so they are better prepared for the demands of the workplace and where possible, offer work trials and placements to help them decide which career path they would like to follow

They offered Bradley practical assistance with his CV, interviews, training, preparing for employment and established that he liked doing practical things and was keen to pursue a career using his hands although he’d never had a paid job before.

Jane Townsend, Work Choice Manager at Prospects in Bournemouth contacted Richmond Home Improvement Co, one of the area’s leading window, door and conservatory installers to see if they had any vacancies.

As all Richmond’s fitting teams are fully employed and are highly trained, she identified them as a good company to introduce Bradley to.

Jane said: “Allan Tofield of Richmond interviewed Bradley and offered him a work trial and it soon became apparent that he fitted in perfectly with the rest of the team, so was offered a permanent contract with the firm.

Allan said, “Bradley gets on famously with the other members of the team and has now managed to save enough money to buy a car and pay for his own driving lessons.”

Jane said: “We are delighted to have helped one of our clients into work with a great employer and to place candidates who just haven’t had the chance to get into the workplace for various reasons.”

For more information on how Richmond can provide a quality service and peace of mind, visit or contact their friendly team on 0800 614102.

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