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BCHA joins “Homes for Cathy” campaign, to mark 50 years since the Ken Loach television drama.

BCHA has recently joined the national ‘Homes for Cathy’ group to help highlight the continuing needs of homeless people in the run up to the anniversary of Ken Loach’s seminal television drama.

With headquarters in Bournemouth, the housing and social care provider, which helps homeless and vulnerable people access the right housing, health, learning and work opportunities across the South West, has joined a number of Housing Associations across the UK to plan a series of events to mark the 50th anniversary of the first showing of Cathy Come Home.

The 1966 play, directed by Ken Loach, which highlighted the plight of a homeless family, led to a public outcry about the problem of homelessness. Up and down the country people came together to form housing associations in their communities, often in partnership with their local churches, to provide homes for homeless people, including BCHA in 1968

Paul Tucker, Campaigns Manager at BCHA, said, BCHA, like the other group members, was set up in the 1960s, so we’re proud to be a member of the Homes for Cathy group to raise awareness of the continuing needs of homeless people. Unfortunately 50 years on, the problem of homelessness has not gone away, in fact it is getting much worse, and this simply has to change.”

Last month BBC Breakfast covered the launch of the campaign. David Bogle, who is Chief Executive of group member Hightown Housing Association and heads up the Homes for Cathy Group, said, “We are delighted to welcome BCHA to the Homes For Cathy group, who have already shown great enthusiasm and commitment to achieving positive outcomes from this campaign “

The Homes for Cathy group plans to work with the National Housing Federation, Shelter and Crisis on this, as well as with the Cardboard Citizens Theatre Workshop, and will be organising “a range of local and national events and initiatives” in the run-up to November’s anniversary.

Paul Tucker, Campaigns Manager at BCHA, added, “Martin Hancock, our CEO, has recently met with the Homes for Cathy group and we are beginning to put plans together for some events and awareness raising over the coming months.”

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