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Castlepoint Shopping Park starts water harvesting.

Castlepoint Water Harvest

Peter Matthews, the General Manager at Bournemouth’s Castlepoint Shopping Park, announced the start of the Park’s latest recycling initiative from the west roof of the main building.

“We can now harvest rain water to flush the public toilets with a 1200 litre tank that is tapped into one of the draining pipes,” said Peter.  “When the tank fills the excess water carries on into the drains.”

It’s another important milestone in Castlepoint’s long term plan to be Eco friendly and reduce operating costs.  For years the park has received accolades for its minimisation of landfill with the support of the retailers and the intelligent lighting installed to reduce the electricity required to illuminate the 41 acre site.

“We are now considering the best locations where we can efficiently collect more rainwater.  We could support our public loos on the east wing, pressure washers, and the landscaping,” said Peter Matthews.

He admits that its a great start but still a splash in the ocean.  CastlePoint uses around a 100 cubic litres of water per month.

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