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Castlepoint’s Jet Set Colin Gains Pride Award

Bill Riddle and Colin O’Shea with his Pride Award Certificate.

Colin O’Shea, one of the Public Safety Officers at Bournemouth’s Castlepoint Shopping Park has received recognition for keeping the peace within one of the retailers. As Colin patrolled the malls, a young child became uncontrollable in a tantrum so Colin decided to help the distraught mother recover the situation.  To the amazement of the retail workers, Colin sat on the shop floor with the toddler and used leaflets to show the child how make paper jets.

Bill Riddle, Operations Manager at Castlepoint says on hearing the story, the London based security firm Emprise, asked him to Present a Pride Award certificate on behalf of the retailers and Emprise.

“Colin’s initiative helped to restore the peaceful shopping environment that our customers enjoy.  His actions were appreciated by the mother and other customers so the Pride Award is well deserved,” said Bill Riddle.

Colin, who has worked at Castlepoint for 4 years, said: “Our role is to keep Castlepoint an enjoyable, safe and secure shopping environment.  The paper jets were not the most aerodynamic ever made but did keep the noise level down.”

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