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Local Consultations – Have your say…

Cllr John Beesley, Bournemouth Council leader, Cllr Janet Walton, leader of Poole Council, Cllr Ian Monks, leader of East Dorset District Council

All nine councils across Dorset are working together on local government reform for the county.  Local government reorganisation gives Dorset’s councils an opportunity to change how they do things in order to protect services and improve the quality of life of residents. It is also a way for councils to reduce costs as their funding continues to decline.
Consultations will be held for the general the public on whether to replace the existing nine councils with two unitary authorities.  Two councils delivering all local government services for their areas (from April 2019) Or retain the existing nine councils for the time being.

Dorset’s nine councils are asking residents, businesses and others for their views on these various two-council options and the retention of existing councils.  Respondents will be asked about …Whether two councils should replace nine, which boundaries for two councils they support or oppose and the things that are important to them:

•          Accountability

•          Access to services

•          Local identity

•          Quality of services

•          Value for money


The consultations will be held at the following venues:

17/09/16 – Saturday 9.30am – 4.30pm at Castlepoint outside Marks and Spencer’s

19/09/16 – Monday 3.30pm – 7.45pm at Tesco Kinson

20/09/16 – Tuesday 3.30pm – 7.45pm at Tesco Castle Lane

21/09/16 – Wednesday 11.30am – 4pm at The Square, Bournemouth Town Centre

23/09/16 – Friday 9.30am – 1.30pm at Cranmer Road Car Park in Winton

24/09/16 – Saturday 9am – 3.45pm at Boscombe Market

27/09/16 – Tuesday 11.30am – 4pm at Westbourne outside Marks & Spencer’s


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