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2017 Conference – Future-Proof your Business and Prepare for Growth

In support of the work we are doing to develop a greener town, Bournemouth Council would like to share details of a Dorset based business, The Southern Sustainability Partnership, who invite Dorset businesses to a one-day Conference. The event is designed to encourage smarter thinking and the adoption of procedures that will strengthen your business through controlling costs, retaining customers, completing tenders and attracting quality, motivated staff. The Conference will highlight that by adopting a greener strategy you will future-proof your organisation and create a solid platform for growth.

Director, Lynda Daniels: “Every business understands the need to streamline processes and efficiently manage running costs. What many don’t understand is that this can be achieved by becoming a greener and more socially aware organisation. Time and time again significant cost savings are proven – as well as the positive impact it has on your reputation and your environmental footprint. This is what the 2017 Conference is designed to demonstrate.”

The expectations of customers and staff in the 21st century have significantly changed. This in itself brings challenges for businesses of all size and type. However, they can be overcome by educating your team and building in a step by step greener strategy. Planning a controlled programme, over a number of years, that will protect you against your customer going to a competitor and losing your best staff. The end result is better processes, reduced running costs, customer and staff retention. Failure to embrace this way of thinking will ultimately impact on your ability to grow.

The Conference, to be held at the Ageas Bowl at Hampshire Cricket Ground on April 27th from 9.30am to 4.30pm, will feature Head of Innovation at the Ellen MacArhur Foundation, Ken Webster, who will share the benefits of a Circular Economy way of thinking and working. There will also be speakers from the Institite of Environmental Management and Assessment IEMA – and Chartered Institute is Wastes Management CIWM. Topics will cover issues such as circular economy, smart purchasing, waste, compacting to reduce onsite waste – as well as energy.

In short, encouraging smarter thinking and the development of procedures that will strengthen your business for growth.

To book your place contact   01202 971186

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