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Primary school friends help the homeless

Two girls from The Epiphany School in Bournemouth have raised £155.96 for homeless people in Bournemouth through a recent Cake Sale at the school.

Year 4 pupil, Lucy Lloyd, nine, along with her friend Tallula Hull, eight, approached Headmaster Mr Simpson with the idea to help raise money for local social housing provider BCHA, who help homeless and vulnerable people access the right housing, health, learning and work opportunities.

Lucy has always been passionate about helping the homeless, which as her Mum explains, is down to influence of her Dad. Kathryn Lloyd, said, “Lucy’s Dad has always explained to her that these people do not choose to live like this, and that one simple turn in life can dramatically change someone’s life for the worst.”

She continues, “As an example, not only do we support the homeless financially but we take time to talk to these people and show encouragement. Not so long ago, in the Bournemouth town centre, a homeless guy collapsed and was fully unconscious and needed immediate medical assistance and to our disbelief people walked around him as though his life did not matter. Fortunately, once my husband rushed to help, the only other support we received was from three Iranian Doctors. Lucy learnt an understanding of just how un-compassionate so many people can be regarding the homeless.”

Paul Tucker, Campaigns and Communications Manager at BCHA, said, “We have been so impressed with Lucy and her friend’s dedication and compassion to help support homeless people in our services. To see this in someone so young is inspiring and gives us hope that there is a new generation of young people that understand and want to contribute to resolving homelessness.

We are extremely grateful to both girls and to the school for supporting them.”

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