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AFC Bournemouth Cherries Community Fund help for those affected by domestic abuse

Members of staff from a Women’s Refuge in Poole recently collected a cheque for £1,000 from AFC Bournemouth Cherries Community Fund to support children who are impacted by domestic abuse.

The refuge, which is run by local housing and support provider BCHA, plans to use the donation to fund fun activities and equipment to assist in delivering therapeutic support for children in its services, both within the refuge and through outreach work.

Laura Argent, Project Leader of BCHA’s Poole Domestic Abuse Project, said, “We are extremely grateful for the generosity of AFC Bournemouth Cherries Community Fund, which will significantly help us support the children within our services.”

The refuge has 18 self-contained flats, of which 17 flats are dedicated for women and one flat is dedicated for a male. All flats accommodate children.

Laura, added, “From January to October this year, we have already had 111 referrals for refuge space at Poole. 15 of these referrals were for men and 96 referrals were for females, while there were also 137 children included within these referrals.”

“Our service aims to provide therapeutic support to children who have been affected by domestic abuse. We provide a safe environment so they can open up about their experiences, we then provide them with tools and skills to help them overcome the abuse and thrive in the future. This donation from AFC Bournemouth Cherries Community Fund is extremely positive for the service and will enhance the support we deliver by allowing us to provide more therapeutic equipment and activities for the children.”

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