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Minimise Waste – Maximise Profit

The SWWMG was set up as a self help group in December 1996 in order to develop and promote the use of best practical techniques for the profitable and economic minimisation of all wastes arising from South Wessex businesses, to secure environmental and financial benefits.

The group aims to:

  • promote the efficient use of resources
  • demonstrate the benefits of waste minimisation through the exchange of information and experiences
  • to help businesses achieve reductions in waste arisings and costs through the use of waste minimisation techniques
  • to grow and expand the group to assist all organisations.

The group provides updates on relevant legislation and raises awareness of other sources of help and information.

Many of the businesses involved in the group have made substantial savings through implementing waste reduction strategies.

The group now has a membership of some 300 organisations including service, manufacturing industry and local authorities. Membership is also FREE.

The group meets three times a year, once in Wimborne and twice in Blandford. Meetings usually attract around 40 delegates and agendas cover a wide range of topics. Meetings are organised through a steering group and the Environment Agency offer the secretariat function and also updates the group’s website ( Legislation updates are also provided at each meeting to ensure businesses are informed of changes in legislation and what is on the horizon.

New technologies have been discussed including thermodynamic cracking used for converting car tyres into energy through to the upcycling of lifejackets into arts and crafts items.

Topical issues such as fracking (the process of obtaining shale gas by pumping water at high pressure into shale formations to create fractures to release the gases) have been discussed through to Fire Prevention Plans.

The next SWWMG meeting is due to be held on Tuesday 11th December 2018 from 10am until 1pm at The Crown Hotel in Blandford.  If you are interested in joining the group then please contact for further details.  The agenda for the upcoming meeting can be found here –

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