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How Self-Storage can help your business!


Boring, metal rooms full of furniture and boxes. That’s all Self-Storage is, right? Wrong!

Many people think Self-Storage is purely for home movers. Conversely, as un-interesting as storage facilities look, they couldn’t be further from the truth.

100’s of businesses across the UK currently use Self-Storage to some capacity, and it really is a cost-effective alternative to high-street properties and industrial units. Less tax, no business rates and considerably smaller utility bills can make a huge difference to your business.

Whether you need to store stock, send out orders or clear out your office, storage could be the answer. With different units and perks on offer at many different storage companies, a storage unit could be an asset to your business or online store.

What Businesses benefit from Self-Storage?

eBay, Amazon and Etsy Sellers
With multiple deliveries coming in and orders to ship out, online sellers are, by far, one of the busiest businesses in our Charminster store in Bournemouth and at other facilities across England. Most of us have sold a couple of things on eBay, but these sellers are taking things to the next level. A storage unit can be used to store your stock, and help to keep track of your inventory! Most storage facilities will even accept your deliveries in for you, which can be incredibly helpful if you have a busy schedule.

Small, Medium and Large Businesses
Whether you’re a small start-up or large franchise. Storage can benefit you in many ways. At our stores in Bransgore and Charminster, Bournemouth, we have had start-ups as small as 1 person to Nationwide franchises store with us. As is the case in most storage facilities across the UK. You could even operate entirely from your storage unit and set up an office, or place for your staff members to work from.


Fashion/Textile Brands
Reputable storage companies will have climate control and dry storage units, ensuring the quality of your material does not change. You may also have deliveries or orders to send out and, as mentioned, this is something the staff can take care of for you. Certain equipment is also allowed, depending on the storage facility, and this can allow you to actually produce your products in storage!

Construction Firms
With many tall units available, tradesman can finally find somewhere more practical to store ladders and large equipment. You may also have staff who need to pick up items regularly, having a unit located centrally and with good access means they can do exactly that!

Furniture Makers/designer trades
Often, there are units available with power and lighting. This means that you may be able to create your product in the same place you store your stock/materials. Say goodbye to those pointless journeys to pick up your items!

We already have customers who collect stock before sending out bulky orders across the nation. So, we know that this is a perk that is truly useful.

A-Storage currently has a 900 square foot, and other workshop/storage units available to rent. So, if you are any of the business above and are looking for a new home for your business, be sure to get in touch and see if A-Storage can help you!

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