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What’s on the agenda – BCTC May 2019

We always get asked the question “what does the Chamber do?” so we thought we would share some of the items that have been on our agenda over the last month to give our members an idea of the discussions that the BCTC are currently involved in as most of the work our volunteer Directors do is not reported.

So far this year we have been:

  • Discussing the increase of PCSO powers at our monthly Local Government Affairs meeting held at the Town Hall.  Increased powers will mean that PCSO’s will have increased ability to assist businesses experiencing recurring issues with homeless and aggressive beggars operating on or near their premises. Local traders have reported several issues relating to the persistent use of doorways to sleep in and beg from which has a negative effect on customers shopping with them. We are hopeful that increased powers will assist businesses across the town in a positive manner.
  • Reviewing the formation of the new BCP authority and how this will affect our local economy.
  • Learning about the provision of support for rough sleepers and the homeless community and how these services can assist local businesses if problems arise.

Our Local Government Affairs meeting is a key meeting of the conurbations Business Trade Group Chairs, Councillors, Council Executives and local business leaders. Attendance is by invitation only however the Chamber encourages members to email the Executive Officer via with business issues which they would like bought in front of the Council for discussion.

As a Chamber of Commerce, we are unable to liaise with the Council on individual business issues however if a common thread or problem is reported from several businesses in one area, we are able to raise this with the local Council or appropriate support service via the meeting agenda.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like us to raise a business issue or query that you are experiencing.

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