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The Chamber Executive Board are a group of local business men and woman who are highly experienced across a wide range of business sectors. The Board manages the day to day running of the Chamber, its finances and its affairs and everyone is an unpaid volunteer apart from the Executive Officer. 

The Chamber is a Private Company limited by guarantee with its Executive Board being made up of up to 20 directors; The President, two Vice-President(s) and the Honorary Treasurer plus 16 directors appointed at the AGM usually held in March of each year. All Director nominations are voted for by members attending the AGM.

The Chamber Executive Board

Any member of the Chamber can be a Director as long as they are permitted by law to do so and are deemed by Chamber members to hold the right experience. If you are interested in becoming a Chamber Director, please contact the via execofficer@bournemouthchamber.org.uk for further information.

The list of current Executive Committee is shown below

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Trade Groups

The Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce works closely with the trading districts across the town to keep them informed of the latest developments which will assist businesses in their local trading areas. A list of our current trading areas can be found below:

The Chamber, with the Recession Fund made available by the Borough, helped to set up many of these Associations. The Trade Group Leaders meet with the Chamber monthly to discuss activity in each area and offer support to the trading areas. Many of the Chamber business initiatives such as the popular window display competitions see entries from across the trading districts bringing together the whole trading conurbation.

Bournemouth Chamber Events & Business Networking

The Chamber holds a number of regular business networking events across the year, all of which are included free of charge in the annual membership fee. There are also fun social events to attend including the Barons of Beef annual Dinner, Presidents Dinner and Christmas Party; all of which offer great food, company and entertainment!

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The Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce was born in 1916.

Over 100 years later, the Chamber is still thriving and supporting the local business community.

In 1885, The Bournemouth Traders Barons of Beef Association was set up to meet quarterly for “the discussion of public matters affecting the general welfare of the Town”. Annual membership at the time was just five shillings (25p)!

The Association evolved in 1908 into the Bournemouth Traders Federation, but all concerned were convinced that the time had arrived when the Federation should be absorbed into a more comprehensive body.

It was at a meeting held on 15th February 1916 at St Peter’s Hall that a decision was reached to form a Chamber of Trade for Bournemouth. The Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce was born!

  1. Formation of the Barons of Beef Association

  2. Formation of the Bournemouth Traders Federation

  3. The Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce is born! Open to tradesmen only

  4. Bournemouth Chamber facilitates opening of first Information Bureau in the town

  5. Fire destroys Chamber records at the Chamber offices within Cairns House.

  6. Membership opened to all businesses (not just trades)

  7. 100th Celebrations

    On March 10th 2016 we celebrated our centennial celebrations in style at the BIC in Bournemouth

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