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Bournemouth Airport Independent Consultative Committee March 2017 Update

The Airport is on the up once again with passenger numbers rising and costs tightly controlled; this year they may break even or make a very small profit!

Passenger numbers from April to Jan 31st are up 13.2%, Actual numbers were 606,000 against a budget of 535,000 with the year out turn predicted to be 670,000 up 11.2% on last year. Load factors are really high with the additional route to Krakow being very successful. Ryanair run at 90% with 415,765 passengers and Thompson 93% with 164,000 people being carried.

Ryanair will repeat their Summer 2016 schedule offering 35 flights a week and will fly to Krakow all year round. Thompson have 15 flights outbound every week.

The airport is looking to attract additional routes but this takes time to orchestrate probably as much as 18 months.

The new school, Parkfield, opens after Easter and considerable concern was expressed in relation to the inevitable congestion around the junction to the school and airport at the start and end of day. The new proposals were discussed in relation to the road improvements that have received funding from the LEP. The B3073, the Parley corridor, is going to have work at both ends, Blackwater and Parley together with relocating the Hurn Roundabout and sorting the Chapel Gate entry exit route. 4,000 people work on the Aviation parks.

There are several public meetings arranged to show the Council’s proposals, the first being at the Littledown Centre 7/8 March.

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A new contract to run buses to and from Bournemouth Airport is taking off at the end of October.


Yellow Buses’ new-look service will pick up passengers from the airport’s arrivals terminal as well as the ever-growing Aviation Business Park.

The new service has been designed to bring direct connections to many more people; it continues to serve Bournemouth Square and the railway station, but will now be serving Winton, Moordown, Northbourne and Parley Cross.

It will run from 6am through to 7pm every day of week, including weekends and bank holidays.  The deal between Bournemouth’s brightest bus company and Bournemouth Airport will see the service change from the A1 to the 14, bringing the service into Yellow Buses’ wider network.  This means that passengers will benefit from cheaper prices, with a single ticket to the airport from anywhere on the route costing no more than £2.40, and a day return ticket costing no more than £3.70.

Regular users wanting to access the growing job market at the Aviation Business Park will benefit from Yellow Buses’ Glo cards, making the daily commute more affordable.

Andrew Smith, Managing Director of Yellow Buses, said: “This is a renewed contract but we’ve widened out the service.  It will go to the airport passenger terminal and around the business park, as well as providing passengers from the Winton and Moordown area with a direct bus to and from the airport.  We are opening up the service to meet the wider market and another benefit is that the service will be run on our own fare structure meaning it will be even better value for money.  We’re particularly excited about our new-look app, which not only helps passengers plan their journey with real time departure information at their fingertips, but also allows them to buy their bus tickets.”

Paul Knight, Managing Director of Bournemouth Airport, said: “Ryanair has doubled the size of their winter programme this year, so we will be seeing even more passengers using the airport – many of whom will benefit from this improved service.  The new route will also be a huge boost for those working on the Aviation Business Park which currently supports over 200 businesses, employing 3000 people.”

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