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Council to seek further views on cycling and walking scheme in Boscombe and Southbourne Overcliff Drives, and at Cleveland Road

A BCP Council scheme to provide safer space for cycling and walking on Boscombe and Southbourne Overcliff Drives, which was intended to relieve pressure on the promenade, and where concerns about speeding traffic have been a barrier to switching local journeys in that area, will be delayed to allow more time for dialogue with local residents. 

The scheme was not planned to close the area to cars or prevent clifftop parking, but only to remove the through traffic. The idea was first identified at the time when our seafront was inundated with holidaymakers, and the summertime ban on promenade cycling was about to commence. It also intended to provide a route that can be used more easily by pedestrians and cyclists year round, where storms can render the promenade impassable.  There have been a number of collisions involving injuries to people on bikes at junctions along the Overcliff in recent years and making roads safer as well as encouraging sustainable journeys remain a priority for the council. 

Councillor Andy Hadley, Portfolio Holder for Transport, BCP Council commented;

“As part of the response to COVID-19, it’s clear to see that the way we travel is changing, and as we head towards the new normal – going back to school and returning to workplaces – we want to support people to choose to travel more sustainably for shorter journeys. This also supports our vision is to create vibrant communities with outstanding quality of life where everyone plays an active part, and the new National Walking and Cycling Strategy.

“The Overcliff scheme has generated huge interest and concern in the local area.  Whilst these travel measures are designed to be temporary and to allow time for people to give their feedback based on their experiences, it is clear we need to pause our plan for the Boscombe / Southbourne experimental traffic scheme and to seek further views from local people. 

“We are keen to work with the local community on the extent and location of low-cost experimental measures in this area, and we need the views of those living, working  in, and passing through the shopping areas of Southbourne Grove, Beechwood and Wentworth Avenue, Parkwood, Seabourne and Southbourne Road in order to shape a future scheme.  

“We must recognise that doing nothing will not solve congestion, or deliver on our climate emergency response, and that some of the respondents were keen to see the scheme implemented.  We are still keen to implement a scheme in this area.   

The scheme at Boscombe and Southbourne Overcliff Drives is in direct response to the government’s call to get more people cycling and walking as the country recovers from the coronavirus pandemic.   

Councillor Hadley, added; “The tight timescales and limited upfront consultation was mandated directly by government requirements to implement these schemes urgently to combat gridlock, and to consult over the following months.

“There are other schemes being implemented across the conurbation to support commuting, school and leisure journeys, and we are keen to ensure that the value of these is better understood. 

“We will therefore also pause and consult with local people before implementing the planned measure on the railway bridge on Cleveland Road. This will mean that is not in place for the return to school this September. 

“We intend to pursue the remaining schemes already in progress as part of phase one, and we had already planned that if we are successful with funding for phase two work, this would be done in a different way with early consultation given available time. A scheme for Boscombe and Southbourne will become part of that phase two work”   

More information can be found by clicking here.

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Transforming Cities Fund BCP Council – Julian McLaughlin, Dir. Growth & Infrastructure

£79 million has been awarded to BCP & Dorset Council for Transforming Cities Fund. See presentation below.


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Enhancements to Yellow Buses timetables as lockdown ends

Yellow Buses will be enhancing timetables across the network week commencing Monday 15th June following a loosening of the lockdown.

With some schools, shops and work places reopening, it is anticipated that more passengers will be using the services.

Yellows’ cleaning regime continues at intensified levels with all poles, hand rails, seats and other key areas of its vehicles disinfected regularly.

On board, the vehicles social distancing measures continue to be in place where some seats have been taken out of action to create space.

Details of the revised timetable are available on the Yellow Buses’ website as well as on its app and on most bus stops.

David Squire, managing director, said: “We have continued to provide a safe, reliable service for key workers throughout the lockdown period, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff for keeping the wheels turning!’’

‘’We have space on board our vehicles for people to travel, the enhanced timetables with social distancing and intensive cleaning regimes mean that we continue to offer safe travel across the conurbation.’’

‘’As more shops and work places reopen we are ensuring that people can travel’’

‘’We would ask customers to remember to socially distance whilst waiting for the bus, whilst boarding and whilst on board. If possible, we would like customers to pay with the app or contactless, and use a face covering whilst on board.’’

‘’We monitor loadings on our services on a daily basis, and where capacity becomes an issue we will employ bigger vehicles or additional journeys’’

‘’We want Yellow Buses to continue to be part of the transport solution across the conurbation’’ 

With enhanced timetables across the network, Yellow Buses continue to offer journey solutions to the following destinations.

  • Buses between Bournemouth, Boscombe and Christchurch every 5 minutes
  • Buses between Bournemouth and Charminster every 7 minutes
  • Buses to Royal Bournemouth Hospital on routes 2 and 3 every 15 minutes
  • Links between Wimborne, Merley, Bearwood, Kinson, Castlepoint and Royal Bournemouth Hospital
  • Links between Christchurch, Christchurch Hospital, Royal Bournemouth Hospital and Castlepoint.

Yellow Buses continue to serve the Business Park at the Airport and will be running daily services between Alum Chine, Bournemouth Town Centre and Boscombe Pier.

Route 1a between Bournemouth, Boscombe, Christchurch, Somerford, Highcliffe and New Milton will be reinstated to run direct every hour Monday to Saturday.

Customers are also advised that as both Morebus and Yellow Buses have now increased frequencies and restored links, the acceptance of one anothers tickets will also cease from Sunday 14 June.

More information can be found on the Yellow Buses website

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Yellow Buses revised timetable

Yellow Buses is revising its timetable from tomorrow (Thursday, March 26) in response to the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

The Bournemouth-based, locally owned bus company is rationalising services to reflect the current situation.

Yellows will operate what it describes as an emergency timetable across the network every day until further notice.

Commercial Director Simon Newport said: “With the country on virtual lockdown we, like all public service transport networks, are experiencing a downturn in passenger numbers.

“However, it is also our responsibility to maintain a good level of operation to ensure that key workers providing critical services are able to get to their places of work across the conurbation.”

Timetables are expected be available in the very near future.

Mr Newport added:  “The safety, health and well-being of our passengers and staff come first. We are continuing to carefully monitor the situation as it develops and ensure we are taking every action possible to reduce the impact and risk to our passengers.

“On top of our existing rigorous cleaning processes, we have introduced an intensified cleaning regime across our fleet and premises with all poles, handrails, seats and other key areas of our vehicles disinfected regularly. We are also in the process of issuing all of our drivers with hand sanitisers.

“With passenger numbers down and the likelihood that some staff will be self-isolating, we want to ensure our customers continue to have reliable bus times by creating a sustainable service robust enough to hopefully withstand any further disruption.”

In a separate move, Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole Council concessionary bus passes can now be used before 9.30am and after 11pm after restrictions were lifted this week. The move will help ensure vulnerable people can take advantage of dedicated opening hours at some supermarkets.

Yellow Buses was acquired by its management team – David Squire, Managing Director, Simon Newport, Commercial Director, and Phil Pannell, Service Delivery Director – from RATP Dev in a management buyout in July 2019 for an undisclosed sum.

See for coronavirus updates.

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Yellows quit Poole Bus Station

Yellow Buses is pulling out of Poole bus station and will serve the town’s railway station instead.

The company is blaming anti-social behaviour at the bus station for its decision, as well as a desire to serve Poole Quay and the historic old town.

The move is included in a raft of service changes being introduced from Sunday, February 23 2020. 

Simon Newport, Yellow Buses Commercial Director, said: “We have been concerned about problems of anti-social behaviour in the bus station for some time.

“The safety and comfort of our customers and staff is paramount and we took the decision that we could serve Poole better with a different route.

“The bus station was not working for us in a number of ways and we felt we could link better with the railway station and provide customers with a more convenient service.”

Yellows will be re-routing the number 1 Poole to Christchurch service to start at Poole railway station, serving Falkland Square and the town centre, before stopping at the Lord Wimborne in North Street, and using Lagland Street, Old Orchard and stopping at Asda before continuing unchanged.

This will allow better connections to be made to Poole Quay for the summer.  Buses will run every 30 minutes from the shelter on Old Orchard which is short walk from the Quay.

The company will be introducing revised timetables on most routes in order to add more time to journeys in order to cope with the extra congestion on the roads in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.  

The timetables for routes 1, 1a, 1b, 2 and 3 are being rewritten to cope with the extra congestion and improve punctuality.

Mr Newport added: “The roadworks through Pokesdown and Boscombe and delays around Cooper Dean have caused considerable disruption to our services.

“We felt it imperative that the timetables should reflect the delays caused by this extra congestion in order that we continue to provide the best possible and most reliable service for passengers.

“The congestion has also led to a loss of revenue due to some customers deciding to travel in different ways. This needs to be offset against savings elsewhere along with the additional cost of adding more time to journeys.

“As a result we have tried to come up with a robust set of timetables to last for the foreseeable future or until the traffic problems get worse again.”

Three services will be withdrawn. The school bus 111 between Hurn and Twynham School will be provided by another operator under BCP Council tender after the February half-term.

Both routes 19 and 2h were experimental services, route 19 operating on Saturdays to Tower Park and the 2h provided a journey in either direction between Christchurch and Royal Bournemouth Hospital Monday to Friday.  

Mr Newport said: “Unfortunately, usage of both services has not really taken off and therefore they will be withdrawn.  We hope to work in conjunction with our stakeholders again in the future to provide new links where appropriate.”

All of the new timetables can be found on the Yellow Buses website and downloaded.  The company hopes to have timetable booklets available from the travel shop from February 17.

The additional summer open top routes run by Yellows will be advertised separately when they start at Easter.

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Smartcards just the ticket for homeless initiative

A joint initiative between Yellow Buses and the Sleepsafe project is helping to get rough sleepers off Bournemouth’s streets and into accommodation and work.

The Bournemouth-based, locally-owned bus company is providing and helping to fund Smartcards to enable people to travel to Sleepsafe venues, appointments or even job interviews.

Sleepsafe is a seasonal, October to March area-wide project involving many different organisations and administered by Winton-based Faithworks Wessex.

This year Sleepsafe, which costs £70,000 a year to run, has already helped 16 people off the street into more secure accommodation in two months – following success with 48 guests during the 2018 project.

The organisation has more than 300 volunteers on the project this year, with 16 churches across town opening their doors for a week at a time, serving a hot meal, giving space to wash, putting up 12 beds and providing a decent breakfast.

Alistair Doxat-Purser, Chief Executive of Faithworks Wessex, said: “The travel passes that Yellow Buses provide and help to fund make a massive difference to helping Sleepsafe guests to move on away from the streets.

“The travel passes are a key aspect of enabling guests to make that transition off the street – they can now leave their bags at the Sleepsafe site and then get out to appointments at the Jobcentre Plus to sort their benefits, or at the doctors, or to other much needed support.

“The guests are so grateful and it means that another barrier is removed and they can start to believe in a better future.  Standing shoulder to shoulder with partners like Yellow Buses is restoring hope for those in crisis.”

Fiona Harwood, Marketing and Sales Manager of Yellow Buses, said: “We are a locally-owned bus company at the heart of the community and we wanted to give something back to the community we serve.

“We were really keen to get involved with the Sleepsafe initiative and would encourage any individuals or businesses looking for an extremely worthwhile cause to support in this season of goodwill to consider lending a hand.”

To find out more about Sleepsafe visit the website or call 01202 429037.  You can donate at  All the support for rough sleepers is now listed in one place at

One Sleepsafe client said: “Before Sleepsafe I slept in a bin liner under a hedge – Sleepsafe saved my life and turned my life around.”

Yellow Buses was acquired by its management team – David Squire, Managing Director; Simon Newport, Commercial Director and Phil Pannell, Service Delivery Director – from RATP Dev in a management buyout in July 2019 for an undisclosed sum.

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Fly Bournemouth

Stephen Gill, Managing Director, Bournemouth Airport. The airport has published its Fly Bournemouth 2020 preview, detailing flights for 2020.

Holidaymakers looking to fly from Bournemouth Airport for travel convenience have two new sunshine destinations for Summer 2020.

The stunning Greek islands of Skiathos, in the Aegean Sea, and Zante, in the Ionian Sea, are now among 30-plus international routes available from the airport.

Skiathos, a filming location for the hit Abba-themed movie Mamma Mia!, and Zante, home to turtle nesting beaches, are run by TUI from May to October and May to September respectively.

TUI is also introducing new 10 and 11 night holidays to mid-haul hotspot Antalya,  on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, and providing more duration options for customers.

Details of flights from Bournemouth Airport, which saw 708,869 passengers go through the terminal over 12 months to March 31, are now available in the Fly Bournemouth 2020 preview.

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Yellow Buses has marked the 50th anniversary of the last trolley bus in Bournemouth.

Yellow Buses has marked the 50th anniversary of the last trolley bus in Bournemouth.

Still regarded with affection by many, the electric trolleybuses replaced Bournemouth’s former tramway system in 1933 and ran for 36 years.

They followed a network of electrically-charged overhead lines suspended above the road. The silent and emission-free trolleybuses were popular with holidaymakers and residents alike. At their height, the trolleybus network extended to 29 miles and was served by 127 vehicles. In the year ending March 1937, the trolleybuses carried 26.3 million passengers. Ten years later the figure had risen to 42.7 million.

The trolleybus era came to an end in 1969 with a closure procession and civic ceremony marking the last day of scheduled services on Saturday April 19. In their place came diesel buses. Yellow Buses has now updated its ‘history bus’ as a tribute to the trolleybuses. The ADL E200 single decker contains display panels with archive pictures tracking the proud 117-year history of Bournemouth Transport. But now external vinyls have been added with old time film spools showing electric trolleybuses in action from 1933 to 1969.

Yellow Buses also welcomed former driver Keith Burbidge to its Yeomans Way depot in Bournemouth. Keith and his wife, Carol, have built their own mini-trolleybus, based on a reconditioned mobile scooter, as a tribute to what many still regard as Bournemouth’s favourite mode of transport. The replica is accurate down to the last detail, including a scaled-down driver’s tea flask on the dashboard.

David Squire, Yellow Buses’ Managing Director, said: “We’ve proudly served the people of Bournemouth, and beyond, for 117 years but, without doubt, the trolleybus era was one of our finest periods. “It’s amazing how even 50 years on so many people remember the trolleybuses with genuine affection. The ‘history bus’ is our tribute to what has gone down as one of the finest chapters in our long and proud history.”

During his visit to Yeomans Way, former driver Keith also brought along original tickets from the last day of trolleybus services. He said: “We’ll be using our trolleybus to promote, and raise funds, for the Bournemouth Vintage Bus Rally in June. Both Carol and I travelled on the last trolleybus and this is our tribute to that time.”

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Bournemouth Airport Minutes and Noise Action Plan

2 – Minutes of Meeting held on 8th March 2018

Attachment to Minutes – Noise Action Plan Review 2018



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