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Reporting Anti Social Behaviour in Bournemouth


 1.         Purpose

The purpose of this reporting mechanism is to ensure incidents of street anti-social behaviour are reported in a consistent and timely fashion to assist with action going forward with or against individuals. It will also enable a more targeted approach by officers as required.

2.         Scope

This working practice applies to members of the business community who wish to report incidents and all officers who work in partnership through EPIC.

3.       Responsibility

All officers employed by the Council, Police or third party organisations working in partnership through EPIC have a responsibility to ensure this reporting mechanism is used as described.

4.        Working Practice

4.1       It is appreciated that many officers employed by the various authorities receive reports from members of the public through a number of means and this working practice is to increase the co-ordination and consistency in response.

4.2       It is important to ask the person reporting an incident of ASB if they can email, however, it is accepted that members of the public or shop workers may not be able to do this in a timely fashion. In this case, officers who have been made aware of the incident, should seek to get the time, date, location of incident, details of incident, description or name of those responsible and any action taken if known. This should then be emailed to in similar format as the example below:

Email Subject-Incident outside XXXXXX shop/address


Time:                                       9am (approx.)

Date:                                       19/12/16

Location:                                Front of XXXXXX store, Old Christchurch Road

Details:                                   Male told member of public to XXXX off after they refused to give them money when they asked.

Name or Description:             Male, XXXXX hair, age 20-35, with a guitar next to him

Action if any:                          Eg. call to police to advise


4.3       All incidents of ASB should be reported in this way as soon as reasonably practicable, even if officers are used to being subjected to inappropriate language. The reports can then be co-ordinated and an action plan for known individuals can be made with evidence that is accurate and current.


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