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New Bournemouth Chamber President Takes Up His Post

Solicitor Martin Davies takes up his new role as President of Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce

Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce (BCTC) has a new President. Martin Davies, Solicitor and Managing Director of one of Bournemouth’s leading legal practices, took up his role at the Chamber’s Annual General Meeting last month. Martin has been a Chamber member for more than 5 years, and Vice President for the last two, so has extensive knowledge of the organisation’s work, aims and vision for the future.

Martin said:

“Under my predecessor, Peter Matthews, the BCTC built up a strong networking focus with events such as our popular BH Banter About which have been of immense value to our members. I want to build on that network and expand the range of services we offer and we will work in conjunction with local groups to start, grow and maintain business in Bournemouth. I am honoured at the trust our members have placed in me and excited at the opportunities ahead.”

Martin has lived in Bournemouth since 1989 and takes an active role in the business and community life of the region. In addition to his work and Chamber responsibilities, he is also Chair of Bournemouth Town Centre BID; represents the Chamber on the Tourism Management Board; and is a Trustee for the charitable organisations Diverse Abilities; for children and adults with physical and learning disabilities; and SedCat, South East Dorset Community Accessible Transport.

Martin continued:

“I love Bournemouth. It’s a lively, vibrant commercial environment with widespread business sectors. And, of course, the beach is great too! As President of BCTC, I will work to obtain different levels of joined up support to increase connections with trade groups, the council and training offerings, all to help promote and support business in Bournemouth.

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March 2015: Mandy Payne Presidency of BCTC comes to an end.

Mandy Payne Immediate Past President

This March marks the end of Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce President, Mandy Payne’s, two terms in office.

A chapter in the history of Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce is coming to an end this March as current President, Mandy Payne, will be stepping down after two terms in office. The Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce has witnessed big changes and an overhaul since the start of Mandy’s Presidency two years ago, and is set to continue its successful journey.

Mandy’s work with the Chamber has included continually working to promote the Chamber both in the centre of Bournemouth and beyond, from walking on fire, treading on ice and jet packing 12ft above the Sand Banks sea-line.

As President, Mandy helped develop the innovative Charities Forum which has marked a significant achievement for the Chamber, creating an industry leading charities network group of which there is no comparison. This has made the BCTC Charities Forum a leading voice in the industry with several other chambers across the UK looking to their example.

During her two terms, Mandy also assisted in developing the Green Knowledge Network, which spreads the “green word” and helps Bournemouth businesses become more environmentally focused or “go green”.  Mandy has also turned the internal systems of Bournemouth Chamber entirely green; all Chamber resources and documentation are now paperless and available online.

Furthermore, during Mandy’s two terms as President, the profile of Bournemouth Chamber has continued to rise due to a number of events which enabled the BCTC to link with the wider Bournemouth community and Trading Group Associations. The successful “BCTC On the Road” business networking events are a prime example of this.

Mandy has always been determined to help local business districts grow.  With the BCTC Executive Board by her side Mandy worked closely alongside various Trading Group Associations to provide help which has enabled the groups, as well as there associated areas, to grow and improve.

Throughout her presidency Mandy has also shown a clear passion to develop internal communications within the Chamber. As part of this, the internal structure of Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce has been streamlined.  Thanks to the 100% commitment of the elected Executives within the Chamber, those members have taken on roles which have produced outstanding results. This has resulted in an improvement of internal and external communications, alongside a Chamber with a more professional, focused outlook, enabling great positive change.

The BCTC is now also represented by its members across all major Bournemouth organisations. This has improved external relationships between the Chamber and wider Bournemouth area resulting in closer working relations with the Town Council and allowing the BCTC to be part of Bournemouth’s ongoing development.

Most recently Mandy helped Bournemouth Chamber open up international links with Lucerne, a town in Switzerland which is officially twinned with Bournemouth. Mandy began talks with Lucerne’s Chamber of Commerce alongside pushing educational and exchange opportunities between the two towns.

Commenting on her two terms in office Mandy Payne has said: “It has been a huge joy to be President of Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce for the past two years. I would like to thank everyone who ever supported me through these two terms.

As I take on my new role as the Immediate Past President, I am looking forward to continuing working with the BCTC, focusing my efforts on making contacts with wider Dorset, as well as international connections and supporting growing Bournemouth businesses.

I would like to wish the best of luck to the new President. I will be there to support him whole heartedly in my new role

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New BCTC President Inaugurated at 99th Presidents Dinner 2015

Peter Matthews Chamber President 2015

The Chamber have recently celebrated their first AGM as an incorporated company which also marked the inauguration of new president, Peter Matthews.

Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce have recently hit a significant milestone as they celebrated their 99th President’s Dinner and First AGM as an incorporated company on Thursday the 19th of March. Attended by over 150 Bournemouth Chamber members, the AGM was a night of glamour and elegance celebrated at the esteemed Connaught Hotel in Bournemouth. The night also marked a new chapter for BCTC as previous BCTC President, Mandy Payne, stepped down following her two terms in office. The momentous evening then saw the inauguration of new BCTC President, Peter Matthews, into office.

Peter Matthews has been the General Manager of Castlepoint Shopping Park since 2005 and now, as president of BCTC, he will be looking to continue the excellent work which Mandy Payne laid in place during her tenure as president. Beales breakfast, Banter, “BH on the go”, all networking opportunities will continue with vigour. Moving forward, Peter has also set some new priorities for the chamber including invigorating the BCTC website, creating a Town Centre Business Forum, and developing better links with businesses and schools across Bournemouth.

As the immediate past president, Mandy Payne has assured that Peter Matthews and the president elect, including new Vice Presidents, Gordon Long and Martin Davies, will have her full backing as BCTC moves on to a new chapter: I would like to wish the best of luck to the new President. I will be there to support him and the president elect whole heartedly as the Immediate Past President.”

Commenting on his inauguration, Peter Matthews has said: “I am extremely flattered and proud to have been elected to the post of President and must take this opportunity to thank the outgoing President Mandy Payne for leaving the Chamber in such a positive place.  Mandy will be a hard act to follow, but rest assured “I’m up for it”!”

The ethos of the chamber is to be a centre of influence that can create a better business community in the Borough.  I believe that the Chamber does a good job, but we are always open to suggestions as to how to improve our service and opportunities for our members and reach into the community as a whole.  If our support and service helps businesses to generate employment, support charities, conquer environmental challenges and simply make people happier, then we will be doing a good job, especially in what is still a difficult economic climate.”
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New President hosts Castlepoint Big Brekkie!

BCTC President, Peter Matthews

The management suite at Castlepoint Shopping Park was transformed into a pop up breakfast area to fundraise for Autism Wessex on World Autism Awareness Day.    Peter Matthews, the General Manager of Castlepoint and the newly appointed President of the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce, invited chamber members to a Big Brekkie.  Over £100 was raised simply by selling sausage and bacon rolls and hot cross buns.

“It was great to have the chance to meet people and support Autism Wessex and the services they provide through the specialist Portfield School, Community Wessex, and their free Information and Advice Services,” said Peter.

Emily Pike, Corporate Partnerships Officer at Autism Wessex said: “We are delighted that Castlepoint supported our Big Brekkie campaign and would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Peter and the team.”

Information on fundraising events can be found at or

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