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Now is the time to move your company phone system to the cloud

So your existing phone system still works, it’s bulletproof and it’s been fine for years, right? Chances are this is the case for the majority of small to medium sized business in the UK. But scratch the surface and you will soon find a number of reasons why you should consider making the switch to a cloud hosted telephone system.

Hosted simply means that there is no longer a need to have a dedicated box of tricks in the office. All of the intelligence and configuration is hosted securely in the cloud (on the Internet) similar to Google Mail, Dropbox or any other modern cloud based service. The fact that these systems are web based increases the functionality available to SME’s that previously would have been limited due to cost and complexity, such as multi-site options, disaster recovery, home working and true mobile phone integration.

What are the business benefits of moving to such a solution for handling all of your calls? Well, the most obvious reason is reducing costs. It may be perceived that your trusty old phones don’t cost you a thing anymore because the system was paid for years ago. That may be the case, but when you consider analogue or digital (ISDN) line rentals, annual maintenance fees, legacy call rates and engineer callout fees for adds, moves and changes from your local telephone company the actual cost can run into the thousands every year.

Similar to mobile tariffs, calls to specified numbers, UK geographical and UK mobile numbers can be bundled free within a simple, monthly low cost per user, effectively doing away with a traditional phone bill for line rental and calls. Cash flow is vital to SME’s so all of the benefits of hosted voice can be achieved quickly without a huge financial outlay and customers have the choice of term length, with medium and longer term deals offering attractive benefits such as free of charge high quality desk phones for example. Again, this is a similar model to that of the mobile market where handsets are subsidised within the contract.

Cloud telephony is so simple to manage, any changes to the system that you need to make can be done by anyone via your PC or Laptop (and even via an app on your smartphone), it really is that easy! It allows you to take control of your own calls without delay and expensive charges from your maintainer.

There have been some doubts over the quality of voice calls using this type of technology, this is a thing of the past and ‘HD Voice’ is now commonplace , massively improving call quality. Converged FTTC superfast fibre broadband can now be deployed as a single connection for your internet and phones, with guaranteed bandwidth allocated for your calls.

When you consider some of the other built-in features such as voicemail to email, mobile phone twinning (desk phone and mobile ring together) call recording, and telephone number flexibility, not to mention your company’s improved perception from your customers, you can start to see why so many small and medium sized business are taking advantage.

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