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Vote YES for continued investment into Bournemouth

Vote YES for continued investment into Bournemouth

Dear members,

As you may be aware, both Bournemouth’s Coastal and Town Centre Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are currently up for renewal. Bournemouth Chamber of Commerce urges all our levy-paying members who are eligible to vote to remember to submit their vote as soon as possible. All votes must be sent by post and cannot be submitted digitally.

Should both BIDs gain renewal, in the next five years there will be over £6million investment from the BIDs into Bournemouth which will benefit all Bournemouth businesses and the Bournemouth area. This will only be possible through your yes vote and the collective investment from all eligible businesses.

The strategic objectives of each BID include:

  • Increase the number of people visiting Bournemouth
  • Reduce the number of empty shop units
  • Help businesses to grow and develop
  • Encourage people to explore Bournemouth’s unique areas
  • Improve and develop the unique identity of each distinct area within Bournemouth

Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce firmly supports both BIDs and encourages all our eligible members to continue collectively investing through the BIDs into the development of Bournemouth for the benefit of both our businesses and our community alike.

You can view both the Bournemouth Coastal BID & Bournemouth Town Centre Business Plans by clicking the links below:

Bournemouth Coastal BID Business Plan

Bournemouth Town Centre BID Business Plan

How to Vote

To cast your vote, return your completed ballot papers by post to Electoral Reform Services at 33 Clarendon Road, London, N8 ONW by 5 pm on Thursday 1st June 2017, using the envelope provided with the ballot papers. All votes must be submitted via post as there is no online alternative.


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New Coastal BID Manager appointed.

Stephan Bournemouth BID

The Bournemouth Coastal Business Improvement District (BID) has just announced the appointment of Stefan Krause as its new BID Manager.

With the retirement of the current BID Manager, Alun Williams, later this year, Stefan will be joining the BID on 5 May to ensure that there is a comprehensive handover period. Stefan joins the Coastal BID with a vast range of experience having just taken the Plymouth BID through a successful renewal ballot which saw a 70% vote in favour of extending the BID for a third, five year term, announced last week.

Paul Clarke, Chairman of the Coastal BID said, “The interview panel was very impressed by Stefan’s experience in both Business Improvement Districts and Town Centre Management.  He led a successful campaign for the first Scottish BID in Inverness and has just helped businesses in Plymouth to take their BID into a third term.  With the Coastal BID looking to renew here in 2016/17, we felt he was the ideal candidate.”

Stefan Krause added, “I will be sad to leave Plymouth.  I was brought in on a fixed term contract and feel that I have brought this to a very successful conclusion.  I was really taken with Bournemouth when I came for my interview.  The town felt vibrant and the Board seemed to have a real grasp of what BIDs are all about.  I am looking forward to moving to Bournemouth to take up this new role.”

Before being brought in as BID Manager in Plymouth, Stefan was Town Centre Manager in Skegness where he helped set up the East Lincolnshire Destination Management Organisation and attracted a number of externally match funded projects.

In Inverness he led a successful campaign which saw the city become the first Scottish Business Improvement District.  Stefan moved to the UK from Germany in 2006 after a series of managerial roles in the service sector including retail, hotels and events, as well as town centre management.

For further information please contact:  Alun Williams   07974 565019  in the first instance.

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