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An Introduction to Cyber Security

I am sure you are all aware of the recent ransomware attack on the NHS and other businesses. This had a huge impact on those organisations through lost hours, cancelled operations and damage to reputations.

Every day thousands of computer systems over the world are attacked. There are criminals that take advantage of the anonymity of the online world to hack, steal and deceive.

If an attack is successful it can have a devastating effect on your business, not just financially but also to your reputation which could lead to the failure of your company. In addition, any failure to protect personal information could result in significant fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We are offering a 3 hour awareness session on the current trends in cyber-crime including malware such as Worms, Trojans and Ransomware and social engineering such phishing, spear phishing, invoice fraud and theft. We will provide simple and easy tips to ensure that you can protect your business. We will also provide information that you can give to your staff to help ensure that they are not subject to attempts to steal your money, ruin your reputation or encrypt your information.

Run by Chamber Members – South Coast Protection Consultants – To find out more and book click here

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Launch of new Dorset Police Cyber Crime YouTube channel

Launch of new Dorset Police Cyber Crime YouTube channel now live!

This channel has been designed to specifically target smaller businesses. It consists of short videos offering cyber security prevention advice on the common and latest cyber threats, as well as being a new platform giving a wealth of information to anyone about how to stay safe online.

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ITSB and A One Insurance Group Cyber Launch on 5th Oct at Sandown Mercedes Benz Poole


The Sandown Mercedes Benz of Poole showroom hosted The Dorset Cyber Launch and film premiere.

Two leading Bournemouth based companies IT Support Business (ITSB) and A-One Insurance Group have joined forces in association with the leading Cyber Security Unit at Bournemouth University, to help corporations and SME (Small Business Owners) crackdown on cyber-crime – a problem which is estimated to cost the global economy around £266 billion.

Latest research shows that 81 percent of businesses suffered a security breach in the last 12 months, but 98 percent of large corporations and SMEs don’t have adequate insurance cover.

The Cyber team unveiled the first complete, tailored solution, to protect companies against cyber fraud at an affordable rate along with a fun and informative cyber video

They are also creating a series of FREE Cyber Crime events which will help businesses to understand how to protect themselves and what they need to implement to ensure they are adhering to the Government rules and regulations.

The official Dorset Cyber Launch held on 5th October at Sandown Mercedes Benz Poole in the presence of the Mayor of Poole Cllr Xena Dion, enabled guests to take part in a cyber journey, using Mercedes cars as a part of the voyage. Guests were also shown the premiere of the fight against cyber film, whilst sipping drinks, enjoying canapes and networking.

Mayor of Poole, Cllr Xena Dion says, “It was really interesting to meet such an informed and skilled team of experts who are behind this three-part partnership, developed to help other businesses protect themselves against cyber-crime.  I was shocked to hear of the extent of the problem and the amount lost each year to internet based crimes.

Businesses are the life blood of our town and the Dorset economy, providing jobs, training and economic value, and anything we can do to support them is important.  We know we have an excellent University in the heart of our community and it’s incredible to see what can be achieved when academics work with businesses and enterprises. I am so impressed that the film is fun and informative, as it is a great way to educate and inform.”

For more information on securing your business from cybercrime visit or call 01202 912 007 to register your details for notifications and information on upcoming events and how you can get protection.

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