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Keith’s dinky decker stands tall

A retired bus driver who built a miniature double decker got to meet the real thing when he took his vehicle to Yellow Buses’ depot in Bournemouth.

Keith Burbidge spun over to the Yeomans Way site and parked up next to an open-topper and one of the company’s brand new buses.

The model-maker made his little Yellow Bus from a mobility scooter and based it on a 1950s’ Leyland double decker.

Inside are two genuine bus seats and he and his wife Carol often travel together near to their Southbourne home litter picking from it.

After fame of Keith’s dinky decker spread across the country, Yellow Buses invited him and his creation to the depot.

The 6ft long, 4ft high model bus in yellow livery attracted staff from the company like bees around a honey pot.

Keith, 75, a former potter and ex-bus driver, said: “It was amazing to drive among the big buses.

“Although when one was following me around the depot I was a little nervous because I don’t have any brake lights.

“I get a lot of people waving at me and it’s all a bit of a surprise as I only did it for a bit of fun.”

Fiona Harwood from Yellow Buses, who invited Keith along, said: “When we saw photos of Keith’s bus we had to invite him to the depot with his bus.

“It was very amusing to see it next to our buses and driving around them with Keith inside.

“We made him up some signage for the sides and wish him luck with whatever he does next.”

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