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Waste Management Facilities continue to support the BAPTAS 2018 and the Green Initiative Award

After their first year of being involved with the Bournemouth Tourism Awards, local firm Waste Management Facilities continue to pledge their support for the reinvented BAPTAs (Bournemouth and Poole Tourism Awards) for 2018. Last year a brand-new award was created in association with WMF known as the ‘Green Initiative Award’.

This award was greatly received and saw a record number of applications for a first-time award.

Waste Management Facilities are the leading local brand in supporting the day to day process of making businesses sustainable and supporting the environment by offering cost-effective waste management solutions. WMF have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the waste industry.

The idea of this award category is to celebrate a green hero or a green business which provides inspiring alternatives or is a sustainability pioneer who has done their best to promote cost-effective methods, reduce waste and benefit the bottom line in their business.

It’s important to keep our beautiful coastline as green as possible and promote this in the tourism and leisure industries especially in the hotels, restaurants, shops, and parks which all contribute to the offering.

The awards are expanding this year to include the Poole district area and to celebrate even more businesses who have a direct impact on the tourism destination.

Said Lisa Delahunty, Managing Director of WMF, “We are delighted to be continuing our support for the awards, and in particular our category which will celebrate the work of the green ambassadors here in Bournemouth and Poole, who support the environment, improve customer service and benefit the Tourism and Leisure Industry.

Sponsoring the Green Initiative Award has been a real eye opener. It was amazing to see so many entries last year from businesses, large and small, in the area who are actively enforcing innovative green ways to make their premises more sustainable. This included things like metal straws in restaurants, increased recycling facilities, and no wastage policies.

This year’s winner BH Live was chosen for their depth of approach to the environmental issues raised in all areas of their business, and the contribution it makes to ensuring that the tourists that visit our area, can see and experience many of their sustainable solutions, and the people who live in Bournemouth get to benefit from their efforts to save the immediate environment.”

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