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Peter Matthews Completes Term as BCTC President

Having carried out his 2-year term in office, Peter Matthews steps down as the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce President.

Peter Matthews, President of the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce (BCTC), has now stepped down following a successful two years in office. In 2015, the then General Manager of Castlepoint, took up the mantle of President with a mission to better communicate with members what’s happening in the Bournemouth business world.

Peter Matthews’ time as President, has been marked by a continual focus on improving Bournemouth as a great place to live, work and do business. This has included an increased number of networking opportunities such as the monthly BH Banter and BH Breakfast events. Bringing together more like-minded business people, bigger and better events have also included the increasingly popular Barons of Beef dinner at the Bournemouth Food and Drinks Festival 2016. Additionally, Peter looks at both last year’s spectacular BCTC Christmas Party and the Chamber’s landmark 100th Year Anniversary Party at the BIC, as standout moments from his time in office.

Witnessing the evolution of the Chamber, Peter’s Presidency has delivered better communications between businesses through Facebook and a new and improved BCTC website. Modernising in this way has enabled information to be delivered to members more effectively. It has also helped to encourage more young people into the Chamber, allowing mutually beneficial relationships between different generations to flourish. An increasing number of small business members has also represented Peter’s ability to embrace change and keep pace with the changing nature of the Bournemouth’s thriving business community.

Listed in his achievements, Peter has helped to promote better links and co-operation between the BCTC, the Local Government, and the Business Improvement Districts. This has given businesses a greater say in the future development of and investment in their town. These bodies now regularly approach the Chamber for advice and consultation.

Peter Matthews, comments:

“With a huge legacy behind me, I was honoured to be asked to be President during the BCTC’s 100th Year. The last two years have gone by so quickly but I passionately believe that in this time I have represented and encouraged the success of local businesses at the appropriate level. Having continued the great work of my predecessor Mandy Payne, I would now like to thank all the volunteer Directors, the support and secretariat staff for their dedication and hard work. I wish the new president Martin Davies all the best.’’

Having spent his career helping and encouraging fellow business people, Peter Matthews looks forward to playing a less active role. Recently retired, he will now be taking more time to walk his dog, play golf and go horse-riding. He plans to continue supporting the Chamber, offering his experience and advice.

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