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Bournemouth Local Plan Review – Stakeholder Consultation and Request for Potential Development Sites.


1) Bournemouth Local Plan Review

We are at the start of the process of producing a new Bournemouth Local Plan. The purpose of contacting you at this early stage is to give you an opportunity to express any thoughts you might have on what the Local Plan should contain.

The Local Plan will aim to deliver sustainable development in Bournemouth that addresses economic, social and environmental issues. It will also seek to identify opportunities for development where it’s needed and appropriate.

This is potentially a time of major change for this area particularly in terms of accommodating increasing pressure to meet the needs for housing and economic growth and making adequate provision for the infrastructure to support this growth. In addition, we need to meet these pressures while still maintaining the quality of life and environment that makes this area so attractive to live in. It is a difficult balance to strike and one where the views of local people, businesses and other organisations will make a crucial contribution.

We have produced a short document which can be found at This outlines some of the main issues we anticipate the local plan will deal with. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of issues and we welcome suggestions on any other issues you think the Local Plan should contain.

Your Views

It is important we have the initial views of stakeholders at this early stage in the process of developing the Local Plan to ensure that the document and the policies within it are as effective and relevant as possible. We are particularly keen to know what you think are the key issues in Bournemouth that the Local Plan should address.

 New Development Sites

As part of the Local Plan process we will be seeking to identify sites that have the potential to be allocated for uses to meet local need. This could be for a variety of uses such as residential, employment, community or recreational purposes. We would be grateful to receive details of any suggested sites (including current owners if known) along with a map identifying the site in question.

Any comments on the issues you feel the local plan should contain, or any suggestions for new site allocations can be made by;

By email to –

In writing to –  Planning Policy Team, Town Hall Annexe, St Stephen’s Road, Bournemouth, BH2 6EA.


2) Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) and Brownfield Land Register – Call for Sites

 In addition to requesting suggestions for potential site allocations for a variety of uses in the new Bournemouth Local Plan the Council is also issuing a call for potential residential sites which may also be considered for inclusion in the Council’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) and the forthcoming Brownfield Land Register.

If you are interested in putting forward sites for inclusion in the SHLAA update and/or the new Brownfield Land Register, then further information and site submission forms can be found at

Please return any comments you have on issues in the Local Plan review or completed submission forms for the SHLAA/Brownfield Land Register by 10th November 2017

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