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Q4 Economic Survey opens today

The 2017 Q4 Economic Survey opens today (closes 27.12.17). Last month we had nearly 100 responses and this survey gives a great insight as to key issues for Dorset businesses (as well as being part of the largest regular national survey). It’s open to all businesses.

It only takes 2 minutes to complete and we report findings at both a national and Dorset level (Anne Gray of Dorset County Council kindly prepares an analysis of the Dorset results).

The Q1 survey identified Dorset businesses continue to feel positive about the economic climate with more than half of 108 respondents reporting the climate good or strong and just over a third stating the climate is OK. This was an increase on the previous quarter.

Domestic sales increased over the quarter with more respondents reported improved sales than worsening. Export sales remained positive with more exporters reporting improving sales thank worsening. Export orders were also positive and nationally, manufacturers saw an improvement over the previous quarter.

62%of employers attempted to recruit in the quarter and still report recruitment difficulties, particularly for professional and managerial positions.

Top priorities for Dorset businesses are gaining more customers, growing their business, raising their profile, recruiting good staff and developing skills in the business. Local issues and concerns include business rates, competition, skills gaps and recruitment, legislation and regulation and leaving the EU.

To complete this 2-minute business survey and also see all the results to date: please click here:

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