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Castlepoint To Hold First Spring Arts Festival

Bournemouth’s Castlepoint Shopping Park has organised a major free Spring Art Festival which will see many of the region’s artists, musicians, dancers perform between the 10th – 15th April . The free festival, created to celebrate the magic of the new season will boast a calendar of great events for everyone in a crescendo that brings the vibrant colours of spring to life.

“Many of the performances will be held on a specially constructed stage surrounded by a chill out area set up with grass and deck chairs for people to sit and watch” said Anna Proto, Marketing Manager at Castlepoint. “Some of the performing arts will be seen along the Malls and within selected shops, as will some of the fashion and craft workshops. It will be a magic event, which will take advantage of the participation of great talented artists, to be enjoyed by our visitors!”

A Teen Fashion Photography boot camp will be hosted by professional personal shopper Liz Ryles with leading fashion photographer Sammy Baxter during which some of the best teenagers will be selected to appear in Castlepoint’s summer advertising campaign. University of Arts members will host a workshop for kids to learn how to facepaint. London based florist and artist Harriet Parry will lead a demo on how to create a magic spring atmosphere in your home. A variety of music genres and styles will include R&B, Salsa, Jazz, Swing, soul, baroque and classical piano, and dance will also be represented.

The Spring Arts Festival has been organized and made possible thanks to collaboration of local artists, institutions and important event production companies both local and International including the International Jazz Festival, the Dance Pavilion and the Arts by the Sea. It has benefitted thanks to the support of the Yellow Busses, the BU, the Arts University, the Brockenhurst College and tens of local schools and businesses all to bring something very special for the community of Bournemouth.

Full information on the free festival is available at

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