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New Tender Open: GDPR Audit & Training

BCTC members are invited to submit tender applications for the audit of BCTC processes both manual and digital along with the training of staff to be able to carry out the tasks sufficiently to ensure Bournemouth Chamber are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation.


Please register an expression of interest to tender by Friday 10th November 2017 at 4pm via email to

Formal tenders will then require submission by Friday 24th November at 4pm via email to

1.0 Introduction:

The BCTC would like to ensure that all processes both manual and digital are GDPR compliant. We are looking for the services of a company that can audit our files and processes and give a clear report on what needs to be action to ensure GDPR compliance is met.

1.1 The current website is:

The Bournemouth Chamber website has a membership portal and all membership data is stored on the site.

1.2 The secondary website is:

1.3 Hardware & Software:

We currently have one Chamber owned laptop and one Virtual Assistant owned MacBook

We use cloud software platforms such as Google Docs, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Mailchimp.

2.0 The Audit:

2.1 The audit will need to look at:

  1. a) Data handling processes
  2. b) Data storage
  3. c) ICO registration
  4. d) Hardware security
  5. e) Software security
  6. f) Marketing lists

2.2 The training provisions required:

a) Ensuring the Executive Officer (Sam Everard), Communications Officer (Eloise Howes) and Finance Officer (Louise Berkhauer) have sufficient knowledge to carry out any necessary changes to processes and/or data storage/security.

3.0 Your final tender submission will need to include:

a)              Examples of previous work and projected time scales (based on us being helpful and responsive)

b)              Your company insurance details (public liability)

c)              Total fee for the audit

d)              Total fee for the training

e)              An indication of any fees for ongoing back up and support

Your submission must be sent in by email to our Executive Officer, Samantha Everard, via

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Invitation for BCTC Members to Tender for “Website Support”



BCTC members are invited to submit tender applications for the technical support of the new Bournemouth Chamber website.

NB – If you are not currently a member of the Bournemouth Chamber, you will need to become one in order to submit a tender application.

All tender submissions must be submitted by 5pm on MONDAY 6th February 2017 via email to


Please see the document for full information about this tender:  Website support tender 2017

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